• Dental Exam/Screening
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Oral hygiene education, including proper diet counseling (age appropriate)
  • Tooth brushing Instruction
  • Sealants ( a protective coating placed on a child's molars.)
  • Each child receives a FREE toothbrush and a goody bag.
  • Resources and Referrals to local dentists

 Did you know?

 Tooth decay is the most common chronic                             childhood disease.

 Tooth decay is highly preventable.

 It is estimated 51 million school hours are lost each year in the U.S. due  to dental related illness.

 Fluoride and Sealants are proven to be extremely  effective in reducing  cavities.

The following services are available at each Dental Day:

Benefits having Kids Cavity Prevention Program visit your location;


All services are provided by licensed dentists and registered dental assistants.

Remember to Brush 2 times a day

for 2 min. and visit the dentist  2 times a year.

All children are welcome to participate.

Children have the opportunity to gain a positive dental experience in a relaxing nontraditional setting while being with their friends.

Children with decay are identified and receive appropriate referrals to local dental providers.

Children who do not have dental coverage are eligible to receive services at little or no cost.

Fun and exciting for students, teachers and staff.

Minimal disruption to classroom/schools daily schedule.

Very convienent for busy parents.

Don't forget infants and toddlers should also be seen